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Innovative Customer Experience Software

Transforming how businesses interact with customers

At CXPulse8, we offer customer experience software and insight to drive positive outcomes for your customers and colleagues. Our industry-leading software is fast and reliable, providing you with real-time customer data that you can trust. Click here to learn more and get started.


About Us

Our Story

We're a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping businesses transform their customer experience. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, we're dedicated to driving positive outcomes for your organisation.

Our Vision

We have one vision: transform how businesses interact with their customers. Our approach is always focused simply on what you need to do to provide better customer experiences, which will in turn elevate brand satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Technology

We're committed to using the latest technology to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Our industry-leading software is fast, reliable, and easy to use, providing you with the insights you need to succeed.


Seamlessly connected

CXPulse8’s integration technology was designed to streamline the analysis and presentation of different data sets into one clear place. From solicited customer surveys to transaction data, footfall and 3rd party ratings + reviews, reduce blind-spots through the use of our platform’s integration technology.

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Customer Insights You Can Depend On

Agile and Flexible

Our software is designed to be fast and agile, allowing you to listen across the entire end to end customer journey and respond quickly to changing customer needs. With our flexible solutions, you can easily adapt to different customer segments and market trends.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in business. That's why we offer affordable solutions that provide real value for your investment.  

Real-Time Analytics for Better Decisions

Our software provides real-time analytics that help you make better decisions for your business. With up-to-the-minute customer insights, you can respond quickly to changing customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

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Transform Your Customer Experience

At CXPulse8, we're passionate about helping businesses like yours transform their customer experience. Our innovative software and insight can help you understand your customers better and drive positive outcomes for your organisation. Click below to request a demo.



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WorkL help organisations globally, large and small, recruit the best people and measure, track and improve employee engagement.

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Market-leading Text Analytics embedded into CXPulse8's platform to surface sentiment, themes and key mentions across categories.

What our clients say:

"CXPulse8's customer experience software is so powerful because it allows for such customisation—to a level that other CX platforms that I have worked with in the past cannot offer.."

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